Fermentation Cosmetics



Fermentation by a broad definition refers to a process of making beneficial substances to human
by using micro-organisms or bacteria. In the field of cosmetics, it refers to a process of breaking down
organic substances using yeasts that micro-organisms naturally possess. This process breaks
down the effective substance into smaller particles, increasing their level of penetration into the skin.
In addition, as the organism goes through the fermentation process, it naturally amplifies the
beneficial characteristics while removing the natural toxicity of the organism (detoxification effect).
In sum, it is a highly beneficial process to the skin, as it increases the level of skin penetration, amplifies
helpful agents, and remove toxicity that has adverse effects on the skin. Protecting the skin by
boosting its immune system to remain healthy and elastic, fermentation indeed is the best technology
that human kind has discovered.

Fermentation Cosmetics

Fermentation boots the skin immune system to remain healthy and
elastic The ultimate result of the best skin-friendly skincare technology of human kind

Amplification of
helpful effects
Amplified effects at least by
two-folds through fermentation
Amplification of helpful effects #1
Amplification of helpful effects #2
Improved skin
absorption / affinity
Increased skin affinity and penetration level through the break-down effect of micro-organisms
Natural toxicity of the ngredients is
eliminated through the fermentation
Amplification of helpful effects #3


  • Applies a concept of covering (coating)
    on the skin
  • Gradual degradation of nutritious
    substancesfor a long-term storage
    (3 months)
  • 90% of moisturizing effect fades in 1 hour
    *The unstable moisturizing effect that only
    prevents the loss in skin moisture by forming
    a thin oil layer made of oil and plant extracts.
  • Anti-aging effect 20 – 60% (extract)
  • Meager whitening effect
    *Limited whitening effect using
    Vitamin C, Arbutin, Kojic Acid, and
    other plant extracts

Natural fermentation

  • A medical approach that provides nutrition and
    healing process to the skin tissue
  • Nutritious substances remain intact even during
    a long-term storage (strong preservation)
  • The moisturizing effect increases by more than
    90% after 6 hours * Similar to the products of
    skin’s natural metabolic activity, the cosmetics
    integrate with the skin tissue instantly after the
    contact, offering excellent moisturizing effect.
  • Anti-aging effect 95 – 100%
    (presentation material)
  • Outstanding whitening effect
    **Whiten effect that fundamentally brightens up
    the skin complexion through the rich contents
    that inhibit the formation of melanic pigment
  • Plants with therapeutic 
effectsPlants with therapeutic effects
  • Selecting the optimal 
solvent for extractionSelecting the optimal solvent for extraction
  • Adding enzymes for 
fermentationAdding enzymes for fermentation
  • Plants with therapeutic 
effectsThe fermentation process in the optimal condition takes 1 to 7 days depending on the raw ingredients and other factors
  • Extracting the effective 
fermentation substancesExtracting the effective fermentation substances before the refinement
  • The raw cosmeticsThe raw cosmetics ingredients with the maximal content of beneficial substances are produced through 5 to 10 manufacturing processes depending on the raw ingredients.
  • Fermentation cosmetics completeFermentation cosmetics complete

Superior strain fermentation

It is a special technology designed to result in the fastest synergy effect that
grows and extracts the beneficial substance of the raw material in a shorter amount of
time than a natural fermentation process

  • Fresh with the optimalFresh with the optimal
    process of fermentation
  • Perfecting the functionPerfecting the function and
    effect of the ingredients!
  • Maximizing the effectsMaximizing the effects
    of the raw substance!